That Kid Who Sits Across from Your Kid

The seating chart was changed in my daughter’s elementary school classroom last week and ever since I have heard daily stories about the boy who now sits across from her: about how he is mean to her, how he threw (multiple) pencils at her, how he called her names, how every time she opens her […]

Introducing Your Sensitive Child to Ghost Stories

Halloween season is in full swing and ghosts, witches, zombies, monsters, and other scary creatures are everywhere. It seems like no matter where you go you are bound to see spooky decorations adorning store windows and private houses, grotesque costumes on display, and scary stories in the “featured” section of libraries and bookstores. Kids are […]

Talking To Children About Tragedy

The pivotal moments in history that are frozen in our minds are, unfortunately, usually laden with heartbreak. My mom remembers exactly where she was when she heard about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I remember feelings of fear, dread, and horror when I watched the space shuttle Challenger explode. And, of course, the more […]

When A Best Friend Moves Away

This is the time of the year when people move. Families move near and far, to bigger towns for more opportunity or to smaller towns for a better place to raise the kids. They move for good reasons and not-such-good reasons. When a friend moves away it is stressful for both the kid moving and […]

Mantra: Got a Minute? 

More than two hundred years ago when William Wordsworth wrote “the world is too much with us,” little did he know how much the world would be with us today. What would he think of our overscheduled, over-stressed, over-worked world that leaves us with little time to relax and unwind, little time to close our […]