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What’s New? Fish Stew for Two Kitten, brave but lonely, sets out in search of a home. But that’s not always easy to find when you’re young, rambunctious … and messy! Where does Kitten belong? Little ones will cheer him on his adventures.

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What’s New? A Rainy Day (April 2018) Hike up the tallest mountain, save the trees, spot a few fungi, find out if there’s a monster under your bed, and prank your friends with a squirmy worm sandwich.

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What’s New? Fun by Design (April 2018) What do adventure playgrounds, roller coasters, Rubik’s cubes, and space robots have in common? Playful engineering!

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What’s New? Time to Play (April 2018) Try kids’ favorite breakfasts from all over the world and explore playgrounds, school plays, and music!

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What’s New? People of Peace (April 2018) Peace has been one of the great challenges of humankind. People from all walks of life can make a contribution to a better, more peaceful, world.

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What’s New? Ludwig von Beethoven: Master Musician (April 2018) His passion for music and creating compositions resulted in melodies played and replayed around the world. Go behind the scenes in this issue to uncover the secrets of his world and what drove this passion?

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What’s New? Smooth Sailing (April 2018) Canoe river rapids, dive into a rescue at sea, sail with pirates, and be transported by Violins of Hope.

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What’s New? On the Home Front: The United States in World War II (April 2018) The support and sacrifices of America’s home front citizens had a dramatic impact on World War II’s outcome.

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What’s New? Making Work Easier (April 2018) Discover what the six simple machines are and how they help us work—and play. With activities, crafts, and more.

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What’s New? Monsters (March/April 2018) This issue, we’re celebrating monsters—all things fanged, clawed, twisted, ferocious, strange, and defiant.