On-Demand WEBINAR: Choosing a CSR Program: Why the Aerospace Corporation Chose Online STEM Mentoring

Listen to this insightful webinar, to learn why and how The Aerospace Corporation uses ongoing online STEM mentoring to directly engage their employees with local elementary students to make a difference in the future of STEM. You’ll hear:

In the webinar you will learn:

– Why Aerospace chose eMentoring to meet the critical need to inspire and nurture the next generation of engineers and scientists in elementary school before they lose interest in STEM
– How STEM eMentoring helps break through barriers that limit traditional mentoring
– The results of eMentoring: hear directly from an active eMentor at The Aerospace Corporation and a teacher who will share what the program means to her students
– How you and your company can get involved in STEM eMentoring

On-Demand WEBINAR: Using STEM eMentoring to Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers

Listen to this IEEE-sponsored webinar featuring IEEE’s Executive Director and COO Stephen Welby.

During the webinar you will learn:
– About the powerful impact eMentoring can have in inspiring young students to choose a STEM career pathway
– Why IEEE invests in pre-university STEM education programs
– Why these programs are important in building a talent pool, which supports the future of the profession
– How eMentoring can overcome time and distance barriers to dramatically scale the reach of mentoring
– How eMentoring is rewarding to all involved: the mentees, the mentors and sponsors