6 Tips for Starting Your Own Father-Daughter Book Club

My daughter and I are reading the same book. It happened completely by accident. She had a book. She left it lying on the kitchen counter. I spilled grape juice on it. While I was cleaning it up, I happened to read a few lines of the book and suddenly I was hooked. I must […]

March is National Reading Month

Way back in December (doesn’t that seem like a long time ago?) we presented a new Advent Calendar to our readers. This Advent Calendar gave a daily gift to everyone who opened it by counting down to the 12 Days of Christmas with a story each day. The calendar was a hit with parents who […]

Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer

A poetic journey through the creative process for readers, writers, artists & dreamers.   As I enter my seventh decade on this planet, I wonder what words of wisdom I might have written to the younger me. What treasured tidbits have I learned along the way? What could I leave in a letter to young […]

Leading the Way to Leadership

What is a leader? A leader is a person who unites us and inspires us to work together toward a common goal. A leader is a person who is responsible for guiding the group toward new heights of success, individually and collectively, and for bringing out the best in each of us. In a symphony, […]

What do Turkeys Eat for Thanksgiving?

No, that’s not a joke. It’s the subject of an actual article that appeared in SPIDER Magazine a few years ago. Coincidentally, it is also an actual question my daughter asked last night at dinner. And that’s exactly what I love about SPIDER Magazine and Cricket Media magazines in general. The editors of these magazines […]

Dream Child: Follow your Dreams

Dream. Dream big, Child. Follow your dreams. They will take you places you once only dreamed about.   It all starts with a first step. A few new steps each day and you are on your way toward your dream.   Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. Remember, nothing can keep you from your […]

What We Learn From Nature

Go outside. Look around. What do you see? A robin? A squirrel? A honeybee? A parade of busy ants beneath a shady tree?   What can our little outdoor friends teach us? What can we learn from them? What lessons await us at every turn?   The robin is busy collecting sticks and straw and […]

Beloved Authors Who Have Appeared in Spider Magazine

Publishing children’s magazines for the past 40+ years has given us quite an archive of engaging stories and beautiful illustrations to enjoy and share. The works of many children’s book authors, who hold a special place in the hearts and minds of children (young and old), can be found inside the pages of our magazines.   Spider, […]

Gather Round Kids, It’s Time for our Weekly Podcast

Remember the good old days, when the family used to gather around the stereo for the latest episode of their favorite radio show?   The good old days like … last Tuesday.   Podcasts. They’re the new radio drama.   You’ve probably heard of at least a few podcasts out there: Welcome to Nightvale, TedTalks, […]

Discover Summer: National Summer Learning Day

Most families welcome summer break and enjoy the lack of routine and revel in the much needed downtime. While it’s nice to have the break, it’s also important to look for outside of the box learning opportunities throughout the summer months.   According to the US Department of Education, “Over the summer months, some students experience […]