6 Tips for Starting Your Own Father-Daughter Book Club

My daughter and I are reading the same book. It happened completely by accident. She had a book. She left it lying on the kitchen counter. I spilled grape juice on it. While I was cleaning it up, I happened to read a few lines of the book and suddenly I was hooked. I must […]

Get Your Kids Cooking… It’s the Yeast You Can Do

The holidays are here and suddenly I have no pans left in my kitchen. One daughter is participating in a cookie exchange. The other has a potluck. And guess who is NOT supplementing the goods this year. That’s right – they are on their own.   In case you can’t hear them whining where you […]

Meet the Winners of the 3rd Annual Global Folklorist Challenge

The winners in the 3rd annual Global Folklorist Challenge were announced this week and they are an impressive bunch. If you don’t know, the Folklorist Challenge, sponsored by the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, asks students to identify a form of folklore in their community and document it by interviewing a tradition bearer […]

Are There Any Art Magazines for Kids?

Adults love to read coffee table books of beautiful art.   Well, let me amend that. Adults love to buy coffee table books, put them on our coffee tables, and occasionally flip through them a few pages at a time. Few adults I know actually like to read art books. How or where the artist […]

Get Cooking with Spider Magazine

Is your child obsessed with Chopped Junior or Cupcake Wars, Kids Edition? If so, they aren’t alone. Cooking has captured the imagination of kids across the country and words like “braised” and “infused” are starting to become part of the discussion of “what’s for dinner?” in homes everywhere.   While your child might not be […]

The Art of Letting Go

The creative process begins when the artist forgets himself and becomes the work. That is when the magic happens. It is an integral part of every artistic form of creation; theatre, music, dance, writing and art.   My son, Chip Ghigna, is an artist. He paints pictures with paint. I am a writer. I paint […]

Dear Star Wars, Yoda Obi-Wan for Me

If your family was anything like mine when I was a kid, your mother probably made you watch The Wizard of Oz. And if you were anything like me, you probably liked the movie well enough, but the “magic” of seeing the movie transform over to color was lost on you, because… color? Duh. That […]

A Jock of All Trades

So full disclosure: I’m so un-athletic that I am still recovering from playing fantasy football. Luckily, my kids seem to enjoy sports. We’ve got currently got Kung Fu, Youth in Motion/Girls on the Run, and horseback riding on the roster, with soccer and field hockey starting this spring. My kids swim, ride bikes, rock-climb, hike, […]

How Can You Tell If A Leprechaun Is Having A Good Time?

A: When he is Dublin over with laughter.   They say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and here at Cricket Media we are already wearing green, saying “top o’ the morning to you” to everyone we meet, searching high and low for 4-leaf clovers, and enjoying St. Patrick’s Day jokes, crafts, stories, […]

Procraftinating: Make it a Thing

You’ve probably heard it said that parenting is a journey, not a destination. You know what else is a journey? Crafting. Despite what you might think after watching Martha Stewart as she expertly (and neatly!) creates some masterpiece out of a few pieces of cardboard and ribbon, crafting is supposed to be a fun, messy, […]