Discover your Boogers!

“Aaaaachhhoooo. “   “Bless you!”   Is this refrain as common in your house as it is in mine? Between cold and flu season and now the start of the allergy season, it seems like someone is always sneezing! Inevitably, my daughter’s thoughts will turn to the stuff she just sneezed out and the questions […]

YOU, Yes, YOU Should Read to Your Children

Two separate articles came through my inbox during the past few days. The first was the announcement of a new piece of technology called Aristotle which supposedly can understand the speech of very young children, allowing it to answer their questions and play simple games. The device will even read the child a bedtime stories, […]

Don’t Drop the Ball on New Year’s Eve!

To let the kids stay up, or not to let the kids stay up. That is the question. And I have no answer for you because you know your kids way better than I do.   Late nights can bring out the worst or the super worst in kids depending on his or her disposition. […]

That Kid Who Sits Across from Your Kid

The seating chart was changed in my daughter’s elementary school classroom last week and ever since I have heard daily stories about the boy who now sits across from her: about how he is mean to her, how he threw (multiple) pencils at her, how he called her names, how every time she opens her […]

What do Turkeys Eat for Thanksgiving?

No, that’s not a joke. It’s the subject of an actual article that appeared in SPIDER Magazine a few years ago. Coincidentally, it is also an actual question my daughter asked last night at dinner. And that’s exactly what I love about SPIDER Magazine and Cricket Media magazines in general. The editors of these magazines […]

Is Your Child Afraid of the Dark?

A few months ago, my youngest daughter starting wanting to sleep with the overhead light on. I was a little worried about how bright her room was and if she’d be able to get quality sleep, but if I turned off the light after she fell asleep, she’d wake up screaming.  So I talked to […]

Get Cooking with Spider Magazine

Is your child obsessed with Chopped Junior or Cupcake Wars, Kids Edition? If so, they aren’t alone. Cooking has captured the imagination of kids across the country and words like “braised” and “infused” are starting to become part of the discussion of “what’s for dinner?” in homes everywhere.   While your child might not be […]

Beloved Authors Who Have Appeared in Spider Magazine

Publishing children’s magazines for the past 40+ years has given us quite an archive of engaging stories and beautiful illustrations to enjoy and share. The works of many children’s book authors, who hold a special place in the hearts and minds of children (young and old), can be found inside the pages of our magazines.   Spider, […]

Meet Spider: Cricket Magazine’s Younger Sibling

The year was 1994. A first-class stamp cost 29¢, the White House was just about to launch its first web page, and the Chunnel (the tunnel between France and the United Kingdom) was about to open. Oh, and one other important thing happened: Spider magazine, Cricket’s new offering for beginning readers ages 6 to 9, […]