Resources to Inspire a Future Astronomer

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! (No.) It’s a plane! (No.) It’s a planet? (Possibly…let’s find out.)   Asteroids, super moons, eclipses, and satellites have all been in the news lately and this may have prompted your junior astronomer to make statements like the ones above. If you are a layperson when it […]

Join MUSE Mag’s Mnemosyne Derby Squad

MUSE Magazine can always be counted on to take a fresh look at whatever subject they take on each month. If you saw the September 2016 issue, you know that topic was “Thinking Different” and we were excited to feature an interview with two young people with autism both in the magazine and right here […]

Bring the Outdoors In With Nature Magazines for Kids

It’s not always easy to get outside with your kids. Hot weather, cold weather, bugs, homework, activities, screen time, travel time, work time…there are a myriad of obstacles to really getting out there and introducing children to the wonders and beauty of the natural world. Personally, I’ve found that sometimes just the thought of how […]

What Makes a Great Magazine for a Toddler?

If you are in the market for a magazine for your toddler, you certainly have plenty of choices ranging from bland and boring “educational” titles to over the top, ad-riddled nonsense. Today’s blog will discuss how to cut through the noise and discover a magazine with the ability to both delight and entertain your toddler. […]

Muse: A Science Magazine that Will Excite Your Tween Girl

Tween girls are a breed unto themselves. They are little girls one minute, still playing with dolls, and sophisticated young adults the next, talking about fashion and boys and the latest sensational YouTube videos. In the middle of these two extremes are the authentic young women that they will become.   Recently there was an […]

Get Cooking with Spider Magazine

Is your child obsessed with Chopped Junior or Cupcake Wars, Kids Edition? If so, they aren’t alone. Cooking has captured the imagination of kids across the country and words like “braised” and “infused” are starting to become part of the discussion of “what’s for dinner?” in homes everywhere.   While your child might not be […]

The Real Reason There Are No Ads in Cricket Media Magazines

I work in the marketing department at Cricket Media, so naturally it is my job to get the word out about how great our magazines and products are. CRICKET magazine has been entertaining children since 1973 and like many of the people who work here, I distinctly remember racing to the mailbox every month when […]

My Family’s Electoral College Problem

There are two major obsessions that have taken over my household lately. If you’ve read any of my blogs in the past few weeks, you probably know that one of the obsessions is Hamilton the musical. The other is…(drum roll, please)…the electoral college. Yes, that’s right, the electoral college, also known as that map they […]

Back to School Supplies for Louisiana

Today is my daughter’s first day back to school. Like millions of other kids around the country, she gathered her new school supplies, stuffed them in her new backpack, crammed in her spotless lunchbox (complete with an adorable lunchbox note, natch) and staggered out the door, totally weighed down by the sheer amount of stuff […]