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Back to School Supplies for Louisiana

Today is my daughter’s first day back to school. Like millions of other kids around the country, she gathered her new school supplies, stuffed them in her new backpack, crammed in her spotless lunchbox (complete with an adorable lunchbox note, natch) and staggered out the door, totally weighed down by the sheer amount of stuff the school requested.


As we were shopping for this basket load of school supplies last week, the television in the Target electronics department was showing the devastation in Louisiana. I had to stop and watch (and cry for all the families impacted by this event) and then I had to go back and grab extra school supplies to send to the schools that have lost everything.


If you also want to donate, I’ve collected a few sources that will be helpful. Some places are looking for school supplies, some places could use books for libraries that have been destroyed in the floods, and some would prefer monetary donations. Of course there are also kids in our own communities that could use some new school supplies, so please also check with your local schools to see how you can help.


Help Louisiana:


Help Kids Everywhere:


Could your family benefit from free school supplies?  Here’s how to get them: