Join MUSE Mag’s Mnemosyne Derby Squad

Join MUSE Mag’s Mnemosyne Derby Squad

MUSE Magazine can always be counted on to take a fresh look at whatever subject they take on each month. If you saw the September 2016 issue, you know that topic was “Thinking Different” and we were excited to feature an interview with two young people with autism both in the magazine and right here on this blog. Teenagers Milan and Gabriela are inspiration to all of us here at Cricket Media for their insight, positive thinking, and can-do attitudes.


This month, MUSE is taking on sports and all the gear that goes with them. From technological innovations to existing sports (check out “Lighting It Up” on page 9, a new take on the game of basketball or “Real Sports, Virtual Reality” on page 26, which—as you probably guessed from the title—looks at how VR will change the way we watch, train, and play games of all types) to discussing whether wearing a helmet makes you safer or more reckless (page 47) to examining the science behind the curving path of a traveling projectile (basketball, football, baseball, golf, and badminton players take note!), the Gear + Games issue is for every kid who loves sports or sports gear.


One of the articles we love this month is all about the up and coming sport of Roller Derby. Yes, you read that right, roller derby. Roller derby isn’t the same over-the-top theatrical entertainment you might remember. Instead, the sport is changing, growing, adapting, and has become a possible contender for the Olympic Games. Share the article below and then head over to to download a free team logo for the all new MUSE Magazine Derby Squad. And please help us give Aarti, Whatsi, and Cate, characters from our popular Parallel U comic, unique roller derby nicknames. Have your favorite MUSE reader think of funny, punny, and unusual names and send them to MUSE Contest, 70 East Lake Street, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60601 or via email to See page 46 for even more information and official rules.


Each month MUSE Magazine will continue to bring your quirky, spunky, one-of-a-kind 9 to 14-year-old the exact brainy, amusing, and unique content they crave. So don’t miss an issue. Be sure to subscribe to MUSE today.