A Jock of All Trades

So full disclosure: I’m so un-athletic that I am still recovering from playing fantasy football. Luckily, my kids seem to enjoy sports. We’ve got currently got Kung Fu, Youth in Motion/Girls on the Run, and horseback riding on the roster, with soccer and field hockey starting this spring. My kids swim, ride bikes, rock-climb, hike, […]

The ABC’s of a Spring Break Staycation

Ahhh spring break. That random week when everyone in the world with children under the age of 15 descends on Disney World. True story: I’ve never actually taken a spring break vacation. So this blog is going to be all about fun things to do over spring break that don’t involve airplanes.   How about […]

Procraftinating: Make it a Thing

You’ve probably heard it said that parenting is a journey, not a destination. You know what else is a journey? Crafting. Despite what you might think after watching Martha Stewart as she expertly (and neatly!) creates some masterpiece out of a few pieces of cardboard and ribbon, crafting is supposed to be a fun, messy, […]

When Einstein Developed His Theory of Space, It Was About Time

Happy birthday Albert Einstein. And also…Happy Pi Day! By some crazy, random happenstance, Einstein’s birthday is March 14, also known as Pi Day (get it? 3.14?)   We celebrate Pi Day at my office with a plethora of pies and bad math puns. But I hadn’t realized until this year that it was also the birthdate […]

It’s Time to Face the Sharks in the Invent It Challenge

The 2016 Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge is coming to a close. This year, kids ages 5 to 21 were asked to identify a real-world health problem and come up with a solution to the problem. Each entry must follow the seven step invention process spelled out by our partner, the Smithsonian’s Spark!Lab. This week we will focus on […]

Science Projects: You Can Do One on Astronomy… As Long As You Planet

Many kids will soon be facing the insurmountable challenge of coming up with a “COOL” yet still-worthy-of-an-A science project topic. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves (and our kids) to create the next baking soda volcano: Something that explodes, lights up, makes noises, or otherwise attracts the biggest crowd, but still remotely resembles […]

O say, can you see, today is National Anthem Day

It’s National Anthem Day today so let’s all celebrate by listening to someone with a beautiful voice sing our notoriously difficult to sing national song. (I suggest Whitney Houston’s version which you can find on You Tube.) Don’t worry if you didn’t know National Anthem Day was a thing. It wasn’t highlighted on my calendar […]