From Page to Screen: The Adaptation Agency

As we start talking Oscars, I thought an appropriate topic to blog about would be my books-to-movies obsession. In my house, even more than “Eat your vegetables!” you’ll hear, “Did you read the book first?” It’s become so automatic that this was an actual conversation between my youngest and me:   Her: “Can we go […]

Presidential Pardons

The third Monday in February is when we typically celebrate President’s Day. In my experience, this holiday has been reduced to the following:   An excuse for retail locations to have a sale, An opportunity for teachers to force kids to write an essay on George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and Yet another Monday everyone […]

Chinese New Year: Time to Monkey Around

February is a busy time of year for my family. With a majority of the household involved in Kung Fu, and our Kung Fu school seemingly unable to turn down any request, we spend most of the month shuttling to and from Chinese New Year celebrations. The school (and thus my family) participates in lion […]

Building Strong Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships

My mom tells me all the time how great grandkids are. And how if she could do it all over, she’d skip having kids and go straight to grandkids. And how it’s not spoiling them when her grandkids are perfect little angels who deserve whatever they want. And of course she doesn’t mind waiting on […]


‘Tis the season for Shopapalooza.   The first rule of Shopapalooza is we don’t talk about Shopapalooza.   We don’t tell our husbands or our mothers about how much we spent. We hush up about the fact that we likely rebought the same gift we got our kids last year because we forgot we already […]

Deck the Halls with Buddy Holly

Don’t you hate it when you’re singing along with a song, and you realize the artist got the words wrong? Often, I like the wrong version of the song better. According to the interwebs, misunderstood lyrics have their own special name: mondegreens.   In my family, misunderstood lyrics are genetic, and our kids sing the […]

Cricket Magazines are Better than Books Because…

Parental confession time: I’ve hidden books from my children.   (Start shame spiral)   Yes. It’s true.   Don’t get me wrong – I love, *LOVE* reading to my kids. I love snuggling with them in bed. I love watching them become engaged in the story and when they turn the page to find out […]