A Food Strike Requires a Fast Resolution

My daughters have never been daring eaters. They take after their dad that way. When I met him the most exotic food he’d ever eaten was beef fried rice. Personally, I’ve always been a pretty adventurous eater. I was eating oysters, octopus’s tentacles (which I insisted on calling testicles), and seaweed by the time I […]

You Look Good in Glasses… And That’s More Than an Optical Allusion

My daughter just got glasses. She was so excited to get them. This excitement didn’t stem from finally being able to see properly. No, she just really wanted glasses because they are trendy.   I try very hard to not do the “back in my day” stuff, because I don’t feel like “my day” was […]

The Humor of Children has Groan in Significance

People like to be laughed at… when they are telling a joke. Even kids. Unfortunately, little kid jokes are not often funny. They don’t quite get timing… or delivery… or the joke itself – they’re often just parroting something they heard other people laugh at, so they assume it’s funny. Nothing kills a joke faster […]

Gather Round Kids, It’s Time for our Weekly Podcast

Remember the good old days, when the family used to gather around the stereo for the latest episode of their favorite radio show?   The good old days like … last Tuesday.   Podcasts. They’re the new radio drama.   You’ve probably heard of at least a few podcasts out there: Welcome to Nightvale, TedTalks, […]