Toddler Tech

When I was pregnant and took a tour of my daughter’s future daycare, I wasn’t surprised to see a computer lab called “Tech Town.” I assumed Tech Town was for the older kids, since the school went up to kindergarten, so I was surprised to find out that weekly trips to the computer lab began […]

Is Reading Fantasy a Bad Hobbit?

When my daughter was in third grade, my husband and I showed up for a parent-teacher conference where we were told that our child was spending too much time reading fantasy books. It wasn’t the reading the teacher had issues with; it was the selection of books. Instead of my daughter’s chosen genre, the teacher […]

Scavenger Hunts: Teach and they Shall Find

I may have mentioned in a previous blog (or five) that my family loves scavenger hunts. We play them all the time in the form of Easter Egg hunts, geocaching, find the constellation, the “license plate game” and “I Spy.” But did you know that scavenger hunts are a fun way to teach your kids […]

Highway to Endangered Zone

Like many little girls, my oldest daughter has always been a huge animal lover. In her case, it goes beyond ponies and puppies – though she really loves ponies and puppies. However, she is equally obsessed with wild and unique animals, the weirder and more unknown, the better.   When she was about five, a […]