Procraftinating: Make it a Thing

You’ve probably heard it said that parenting is a journey, not a destination. You know what else is a journey? Crafting. Despite what you might think after watching Martha Stewart as she expertly (and neatly!) creates some masterpiece out of a few pieces of cardboard and ribbon, crafting is supposed to be a fun, messy, creative, and stress-free way to spend some time.


That’s why we are excited to acknowledge National Craft Month.


Crafting is an easy and often inexpensive way to give your kids a sense of accomplishment, foster creativity, and create meaningful keepsakes and gifts. It’s a great way to reduce stress, create bonds, and build self-esteem, both for kids AND adults. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to work on artistic skills and hand-eye coordination. For even more on the benefits and skills children can learn by taking part in art-related exercises, check out this article from the Washington Post.


Many hobby stores host classes on crafting, but there are a plethora of websites that offer great ideas for easy crafts to do at home, usually with products and items you already have laying around the house. Added bonus: crafting is also a creative way to introduce recycling. Crafts and activities also appear in Cricket Media magazines every month (you’ll find 2 recent crafts below).


My personal favorite crafts are the ones kids can do in the car and don’t make a huge mess. With spring break right around the corner, which often means some long car rides to our chosen destination, I thought I would profile three easy activities my kids enjoy on long car trips:


  • Loom and paracord bracelets: these are so addictive, you’ll likely solve birthday presents for friends and family for the next three decades
  • Origami: the art of knowing when to fold is quite addictive and calming, with unique and gorgeous results.
  • Finger knitting: this may evolve into real knitting or crocheting as the kids get older, but in the meantime, finger knitting is an easy and mobile way to create fun projects with yarn. Plus, it greatly reduces the likelihood of knitting-needle-related trauma as a result of sibling rivalry.

This March (or really, any time of the year), make it a point to find some fun and creative crafts to do as a family. Or introduce your kids to a craft that you enjoy – something you can do together. You’ll all enjoy the feeling of procraftinating and the benefits will last long after the actual craft has found its way to the recycling bin.

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Spin It Activity Spin It Activity1

Cricket Media Mama enjoys crocheting. She spins a good yarn when it comes to this craft. She’ll have you in stitches.