Happily Ever Heifer

Every year we get one holiday catalog that trumps all others. You might think it’s the latest phonebook-sized toy catalog, but you’d be wrong. Our household anxiously awaits for the annual Heifer International catalog, because each holiday, my daughters pour over it deciding between cows, goats, sheep, donkeys rabbits, fish, and more.   If you […]

Releaf: An Activity to Brighten Up Any Dreary Fall Day

Where I live, the ground this time of year is a mosaic of gold, red, brown, burgundy, and orange. So many pretty fall colors, so many fun leaf shapes. I wish I could keep autumn forever.   Viola! My wish is my command!   This was my favorite craft when I was a kid, and […]

Why Cobblestone Magazine Rocks!

Let’s face it: Unless your child is naturally attracted to the subject, it’s not very easy to get kids interested in history. Hamilton certainly will get them in the spirit, but I hear tickets are not very easy to come by. What kids really need to engage them in the world-before-their-time is something relatable. This […]

Introducing Your Sensitive Child to Ghost Stories

Halloween season is in full swing and ghosts, witches, zombies, monsters, and other scary creatures are everywhere. It seems like no matter where you go you are bound to see spooky decorations adorning store windows and private houses, grotesque costumes on display, and scary stories in the “featured” section of libraries and bookstores. Kids are […]

Diwali: Not a Holiday to Take Light-ly

Halloween lights are becoming more popular these days. But before the strings of purple or orange fairy lights lit up bushes around my neighborhood, we often had green, yellow, red, and white holiday lights in October. For a while, I assumed it was people getting into the Christmas spirit REALLY early. But then I heard […]


Warning: This blog is a little corny.   I’m having one of those moments where I wish I was a kid in today’s times. Growing up, Halloween was a one-day event: a parade at school, trick-or-treating at night, and then a month week of candy as we switched gears, put the costumes away, and started counting down […]

Fail to the Chief: How to Model Appropriate Political Behavior for your Children

No matter what color your blood runs, you likely have an opinion about this election. Here’s my opinion: we are setting a terrible example for our kids.   Maybe I’m just becoming more cognoscente of it as I go through more election cycles, but it has felt to me that each campaign has been increasingly […]