Nothing Says Holidays Like a Vintage Holiday Cover

If, like me, you were lucky enough to grow up as a CRICKET Magazine reader, you probably measured the time of year and the various holiday seasons by the covers that adorned your monthly delivery of CRICKET. In particular, the December covers always managed to bring a feeling of joy and celebration to my mailbox. […]


‘Tis the season for Shopapalooza.   The first rule of Shopapalooza is we don’t talk about Shopapalooza.   We don’t tell our husbands or our mothers about how much we spent. We hush up about the fact that we likely rebought the same gift we got our kids last year because we forgot we already […]

Giving “The Talk” About Cyber Shopping

Cyber Monday turns 10 this year, as does my daughter. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re going to have the Talk. Not that Talk. This one is in regards to shopping online.   Any savvy shopper knows there are lots of benefits to shopping online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, such as: a lack […]

Oh, Those Autumn Holidays (Or, Not Everyone Celebrates Thanksgiving)

I have to admit that I sometimes make the common America-centric mistake of thinking everyone else also celebrates OUR holidays. For example, in corresponding with a friend in England, and considering a visit at the end of November, I expressed my concern that the timing would interfere with their Thanksgiving plans.   “Our what plans?” […]