Kyngdom: Puzzled Yet?

Amazing puzzle solving is happening on our Kyngdom forum. If your child likes to solve word problems, puzzles, riddles, codes, or just loves fantasy fiction, writing, or the chance to be part of something really cool, you need to have them head over to the Chatterbox and check it out.


So what’s going on over there? Our editors are posting a puzzle a day for the kids to solve. Here’s the first one so you can get a taste of the intrigue and drama that is accompanying the daily posts. (Don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away…the kids have already solved this puzzle.)


Labyrinth Tunnels Code 1


Charlie W. and Little Crow here! Long time no see. For the past few weeks we’ve been collecting scrolls and maps from libraries around Southwest Kyngdom. We collected a few hundred and holed ourselves up in a Sprocketville bunker, trying to make sense of them all. We’ll spare you the details and get right to the big news:


We believe we’ve located a unknown tunnel system in the Labyrinth Lands. At the northern end of the largest Labyrinth plateau, we found a strange locked door with some carvings above it. An old scroll we found suggested that this door is 1) the entrance to a cave or tunnel system of some kind and 2) enchanted or engineered somehow to be resistant to any kind of magic or brute force.


Unfortunately, before we could photograph the scroll, the ancient dust made me (Charlie) sneeze, and the whole thing disintegrated in my hands. I felt like such a fool. Next time I go reading old scrolls, I’ll find a professional archaeologist first…


Anyway, we traveled out to the Labyrinth Lands, and we found the door.


While we were studying it, a very old badger lumbered around the corner. We couldn’t make sense of his mumblings, although every few minutes he’d say, “Seventeen will leave, nine left over.” Eventually, he gestured for us to join him in a little cave, where he heated up some water over a fire. He poured the water into little cups, dropped one shiny green stone into each cup, and then mimed a drinking motion. We looked at each other suspiciously and took tiny sips. (It was actually pretty good—tasted a little like rosemary.) When the sun started setting, we said goodbye, and he just repeated, “Seventeen will leave, nine left over” and handed us a piece of bark with these letters written on it:




Strange. Also, on the way home, we snapped some pictures. This code is carved on some stones near the doorway:


Kyngdom - Cricket Magazine

Kyngdom - Cricket Magazine

Kyngdom - Cricket Media

Kyngdom - Cricket Media

Kyngdom - Cricket Media


Can anyone help us decode the message? It looks like we have to enter some letters into the combination lock, too. 


Also, we’re looking for animals and humans who would like to return to this door with us, try to get it open, and see what we can learn from the weird old badger. We’ve started organizing an expedition group, and so far we’ve attracted F.A.F.A. members Silverpaw, Who, and Flying Sqirl—you might remember meeting them back in the first F.A.F.A. meeting


We believe this tunnel or cave system may have something to do with the poor badger Guardian and the Power of Claw. Maybe they will help us discover the badger’s secrets, since he couldn’t tell them to us himself. Or maybe they will help us defeat the great clawed serpent summoned by the Power.


So…can you solve the puzzle above? Chances are your kids can. And once they do, they can try the next puzzle and the next and the one after that.  There will be 17 puzzles in all and the kids who are already involved in it are eating it up. As we head into the long holiday weekend, here’s an activity that can fill in the times between barbeques, pool time, and your local Memorial Day celebration.  We hope you enjoy all the joys the holiday weekend has to offer.

Krazy for Kyngdom

Chances are, unless you are between the ages of 8 and 15 years old, you haven’t been to Cricket’s Chatterbox lately. The Chatterbox is our online writing forum where kids can develop and contribute to stories, including creating characters, building new worlds, and learning the art of narrative. It’s a unique, safe writing space moderated by Cricket editors and frequented by kids who don’t just love to read stories, they love creating them.


A few years ago, we hosted a collaborative writing program called Crowd-Sorcery. Kids who participated in Crowd-Sorcery created heroes, villains, and sidekick characters that became part of a final story published in Cricket Magazine.  And, while the kids may not have realized it at the time, their work also charged up their imaginations and helped them develop writing skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Check out some of the characters envisioned by our readers below.


Cricket Media - Crowdsorcery crowdsorcery2


The Interactive Storytelling Kyngdom


While our Crowd-Sorcery program has ended (for now), a new and exciting writing adventure is coming to life in the Chatterbox and your child can join in!   Kyngdom is our new collaborative writing adventure and it is filled with talking animals, secret codes, and adventures big and small. Take a peek to see what our young writers are creating: new characters, new places, new adventures, all while they are honing new critical thinking skills as they decipher codes, formulate plans, and work together to achieve a common goal.


If your child loves creative writing, chances are they will jump at the opportunity to participate in an interactive storytelling experience. And, if your child is a reluctant writer, encourage them to check it out too! Perhaps it will inspire them to write on their own.



We are passionate about helping create generations of story-makers, through the wonderful stories, insightful articles, activities and world-class illustrations found throughout our family of magazines.  With the launch of Kyngdom, the kids get to be the lead story-makers as they join us on a fun, interactive storytelling adventure.


We hope you’ll encourage your child to participate in whatever form resonates with them. We’ll look forward to seeing their ideas take shape.


You Didn’t Hear It From Me, But…

Something B.I.G. is happening. I can’t tell you too much (spies are everywhere, you know) but let me assure you, your kids won’t want to miss it.

That’s all. Nothing more to see here. Keep on moving folks.

Oh, OK, I’ll tell you a bit more (but, again, you didn’t hear it from me): Mysterious invitations are making their way to children as we speak. Perhaps your child has even gotten one already. Maybe it will come in the mail. Maybe they’ll discover it via their subscription to SPIDER, CRICKET, or CICADA magazines; Or maybe it will be the kind of super-secret invitation that isn’t even spelled out completely, that one has to discover hidden between the lines…. Whichever way it comes, rest assured that it isn’t any old invitation. It’s an invite to enter a whole new world. To join a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure unlike anything your children have ever experienced before.

What’s a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure?

Well, in this case it starts with a mysterious job offer, one your child may find difficult to resist. Once they take up the challenge (they’ll want to, I assure you), they’ll have the opportunity to spend some time in a world that will spark their imagination and inspire them to create stories of their own. Over the course of the year, they will be participants in a story told through a subscription box created by the geniuses at Wonderful Objects, illuminated in clues and “Easter Eggs” found in CRICKET, SPIDER, and CICADA magazines, and enhanced through your child’s participation in the story itself, as characters, spies, good guys, bad guys, or, if they choose, explorers discovering the world behind the scenes.

You’re intrigued, right? Who could blame you? This is the kind of stuff you dreamed about when you were a kid. Now you probably want me to tell you where the story ends. But here’s the thing: I don’t know. Nobody does. That’s part of the mystery of a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and check out the first piece of the puzzle by subscribing to the Wonderful Objects Kids Box. An adventure like this one doesn’t come along every day, so don’t delay. Right now is the perfect time to get this adventure off on the right hoof.

Story-making Innovation

It’s no secret that the world has changed quite a bit over the past 40 years. When we were young, kids anxiously checked mailboxes for the latest print issue of Cricket. Now they check inboxes for messages from friends. Getting something tangible is still a thrill, but now children access content digitally. They’ve moved from vinyl Colorforms to interactive dress-up dolls and from the magic of Lite-Brite to the beauty of retina displays. Regardless of the medium, there is a common thread between our own childhoods and the activities our children engage in now. That common thread is Story. Stories are the framework for our lives.

For more than 40 years, Cricket has been a story innovator, proudly fostering story-making in children, by providing a rich experience of unparalleled narrative, art, and ideas in its award-winning magazines. Cricket is expanding that innovation through our latest partnership with Wonder and Company, through a progressive storytelling adventure, aimed at boldly re-imagining narrative for contemporary young readers. This multi-channel experience will be fueled by user imagination and play out in magical boxes, rich print periodicals, and engaging online experiences.

We’re inviting all Cricket families to participate in that innovation. Join us in this Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure, a subscription box and interactive narrative and program for children ages 7-14. The journey begins in January 2016 and will unfold over the course of a year. That same thrill you felt finding your newest edition of Cricket or Ladybug in your mailbox is amplified here, as Wonder and Company’s quarterly Wonderful Objects subscription boxes arrive on your doorstep, full of enchantment and the makings of a story. Those story threads are woven together with content found in our Spider, Cricket and Cicada magazines, revealing, over time, Kyngdom, the world in which this interactive storytelling experience takes place. The plot? Well that’s part of the mystery, and the magic, as it’s shaped by participants along the way.

Want your child to be a part of this amazing new adventure in storytelling? Start by subscribing to Wonderful Objects by visiting and signing up. Then, look for clues in future issues of Cricket, Spider and Cicada magazines. Kyngdom is designed to be a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure unlike anything your child has experienced before. We can’t wait for the story to get started!

Come join us on this magical adventure and receive 10% off any subscription plan! Use code GIFT15 at checkout. Order by December 18 to receive a special under-the-tree gift in time for Christmas.