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Krazy for Kyngdom

Chances are, unless you are between the ages of 8 and 15 years old, you haven’t been to Cricket’s Chatterbox lately. The Chatterbox is our online writing forum where kids can develop and contribute to stories, including creating characters, building new worlds, and learning the art of narrative. It’s a unique, safe writing space moderated by Cricket editors and frequented by kids who don’t just love to read stories, they love creating them.


A few years ago, we hosted a collaborative writing program called Crowd-Sorcery. Kids who participated in Crowd-Sorcery created heroes, villains, and sidekick characters that became part of a final story published in Cricket Magazine.  And, while the kids may not have realized it at the time, their work also charged up their imaginations and helped them develop writing skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Check out some of the characters envisioned by our readers below.


Cricket Media - Crowdsorcery crowdsorcery2


The Interactive Storytelling Kyngdom


While our Crowd-Sorcery program has ended (for now), a new and exciting writing adventure is coming to life in the Chatterbox and your child can join in!   Kyngdom is our new collaborative writing adventure and it is filled with talking animals, secret codes, and adventures big and small. Take a peek to see what our young writers are creating: new characters, new places, new adventures, all while they are honing new critical thinking skills as they decipher codes, formulate plans, and work together to achieve a common goal.


If your child loves creative writing, chances are they will jump at the opportunity to participate in an interactive storytelling experience. And, if your child is a reluctant writer, encourage them to check it out too! Perhaps it will inspire them to write on their own.



We are passionate about helping create generations of story-makers, through the wonderful stories, insightful articles, activities and world-class illustrations found throughout our family of magazines.  With the launch of Kyngdom, the kids get to be the lead story-makers as they join us on a fun, interactive storytelling adventure.


We hope you’ll encourage your child to participate in whatever form resonates with them. We’ll look forward to seeing their ideas take shape.