You Didn’t Hear It From Me, But…

Something B.I.G. is happening. I can’t tell you too much (spies are everywhere, you know) but let me assure you, your kids won’t want to miss it.

That’s all. Nothing more to see here. Keep on moving folks.

Oh, OK, I’ll tell you a bit more (but, again, you didn’t hear it from me): Mysterious invitations are making their way to children as we speak. Perhaps your child has even gotten one already. Maybe it will come in the mail. Maybe they’ll discover it via their subscription to SPIDER, CRICKET, or CICADA magazines; Or maybe it will be the kind of super-secret invitation that isn’t even spelled out completely, that one has to discover hidden between the lines…. Whichever way it comes, rest assured that it isn’t any old invitation. It’s an invite to enter a whole new world. To join a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure unlike anything your children have ever experienced before.

What’s a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure?

Well, in this case it starts with a mysterious job offer, one your child may find difficult to resist. Once they take up the challenge (they’ll want to, I assure you), they’ll have the opportunity to spend some time in a world that will spark their imagination and inspire them to create stories of their own. Over the course of the year, they will be participants in a story told through a subscription box created by the geniuses at Wonderful Objects, illuminated in clues and “Easter Eggs” found in CRICKET, SPIDER, and CICADA magazines, and enhanced through your child’s participation in the story itself, as characters, spies, good guys, bad guys, or, if they choose, explorers discovering the world behind the scenes.

You’re intrigued, right? Who could blame you? This is the kind of stuff you dreamed about when you were a kid. Now you probably want me to tell you where the story ends. But here’s the thing: I don’t know. Nobody does. That’s part of the mystery of a Make-Your-Own-Story Adventure.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and check out the first piece of the puzzle by subscribing to the Wonderful Objects Kids Box. An adventure like this one doesn’t come along every day, so don’t delay. Right now is the perfect time to get this adventure off on the right hoof.