Releaf: An Activity to Brighten Up Any Dreary Fall Day

Where I live, the ground this time of year is a mosaic of gold, red, brown, burgundy, and orange. So many pretty fall colors, so many fun leaf shapes. I wish I could keep autumn forever.   Viola! My wish is my command!   This was my favorite craft when I was a kid, and […]

Experimenting the Click Way

As the editor of Click, I test every experiment published in the magazine. Our goal is to present simple, hands-on activities that will inspire children to think, wonder, learn, and have fun! But some experiments just don’t work out the way you plan.   Consider, for example, the short activity on page 16 of the […]

Fail, uh, Fall Traditions

We’re all familiar with the traditions that Fall brings, including the end of white shoes, the disappearance of productive work days due to fantasy football, and the first Christmas trees in the mall.   Autumn always makes me think of Aesop’s fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” where the lazy grasshopper plays all summer, while […]