5 National Park Picks from COBBLESTONE Magazine

Today is the 105th birthday of the National Park Service! It’s also a fee-free day, which means that no admission is charged to enter NPS sites today! In addition to 63 official National Parks, the NPS manages 423 parks across the country, including historic sites, forests, seashores, trails and even parkways! This month’s issue of […]

7 Fascinating Facts About Olympic History

This year’s Olympic Games are almost over, and as we move toward the closing ceremony, it’s a great time to reflect on some of the interesting moments in past Olympics. From the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece to the first ‘modern Olympics’ in 1896 to this year’s games in Tokyo, there’s so much fascinating […]

5 Reasons Why eMentoring Matters

Studies show that students need adult role models to help them reach their full potential. Mentoring has been proven to make a powerful difference in children’s lives, but in-person, face-to-face mentoring is not always practical. Our team at CricketTogether is always finding ways to connect kids with caring adults on a safe and secure virtual […]

Introducing CricketTogether: Family & Friends!

It’s been a strange year. One of the many things that’s changed since early 2020 is the way we spend time with family and friends. Families that usually spend the summer traveling across the country to visit relatives may have skipped their usual vacations. Neighbors that usually get together for dinner and a movie every […]

8 More Award-Winning Inventions by Kids

It’s that time of year again: time to share the winners of this year’s Spark!Lab Dr. InBae and Mrs. Kyung Yoo Joon Invent It Challenge! Our 10th annual challenge may be our most exciting yet. This year’s prompt? To create a game-changing invention that makes sports more safe, fun, fair, and accessible to everyone– while […]

Celebrating Earth Day with Cricket Media Magazines

April 22 is Earth Day, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate and commit to our planet and making sure it thrives! Several of this month’s magazines focus on themes of nature and the environment, and we’d like to share them with you– along with 5 free articles and an activity! Join us for a […]