Meet Cobblestone Editor Meg Chorlian

Have you ever wondered about the people behind your favorite Cricket Media magazines? These talented editors and designers work hard to make sure each page of their publication delivers “the best of the best” for their audience each month. We decided to ask some of these busy folks a few questions to try to get a sense […]

Best of 2015: Articles

While our literary magazines (Babybug, Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, and Cicada) feature “the best of the best” for children in stories and poems, our discovery magazines provide the best for children who want to explore the world through science, history, art, archeology, or geography. Below you’ll find our editors’ picks for the best articles of 2015 […]

Bringing A Bit of Color to History

Sometimes the most challenging aspect of creating an engaging history magazine for kids is that there is not a great selection of color images of people that lived 100 (or more) years ago. We might be able to find a basic black-and-white headshot of someone famous, or a museum might offer reproductions of a famous […]