What do Turkeys Eat for Thanksgiving?

November 22, 2016

No, that’s not a joke. It’s the subject of an actual article that appeared in SPIDER Magazine a few years ago. Coincidentally, it is also an actual question my daughter asked last night at dinner. And that’s exactly what I love about SPIDER Magazine and Cricket Media magazines in general. The editors of these magazines understand kids. They know the types of questions kids ask and the types of stories that make kids laugh and cry and question and wonder.


Last year on this blog, we shared 3 stories as part of A Literary Thanksgiving Feast for Your Family. All of those lovely stories are still available for you to share with your family. And in case you read those last year, here are 3 more free Thanksgiving day treats for you from SPIDER Magazine, including the article with the same title as this blog.


We hope you enjoy these samples of the types of stories you’ll find in SPIDER and the other magazines in the Cricket Media Family. For more stories like these, be sure to subscribe to SPIDER.


From all of us at Cricket Media, best wishes for wonderful, joyful, and loving Thanksgiving holiday.

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