Discover Summer Week 6 Reading Program

Discover Summer: Encourage Thinking, Creativity and Imagination

It’s the final week of our Discover Summer Reading program, but don’t fret!  We will continue to share stories from our archives all year long to keep your kids’ reading. Our 11 children’s magazines encourage thinking, creativity and imagination. They are filled with beautiful illustrations, engaging stories, interesting facts and fun activities.


Spider MagazineFor example, here’s a look at the themes from a few of our July/Aug magazine issues:


  • Dig into History is all about the History of the Olympics. What’s the same? What’s different? A who’s who—women included. Plus, a trip to the sites—past and present.
  • Click Magazine ventures into the world of Sleep! Find out why we sleep, discover how and where animals sleep, try Emma’s busy body sleep solution, and more.
  • Cricket Magazine is all about the Wild Summer! From a wilderness hike, to a bike ride in China, to a barbecue with dragons, summer is a wild adventure.
  • Spider Magazine travels to the age of Knights and Castles. Meet a few dragons on the way. But don’t touch the golden goose.

Quote by James PattersonCultivating a love of reading starts when they are young.  Explore different types of topics, books, stories and formats to find out what best captures your young learner’s attention.




Week 6 Theme: The Ocean 


The Ocean is Big - Cricket Media

The Ocean is Big, My Father Said
By Linda Ward Stephens
illustrated by Stephen Fieser

Ladybug Magazine
July/Aug 2008





Shipwreck ZeewijShipwreck- Cricket Media Inck
by Jackson Kuhl

Calliope Magazine
April 2010







I hope you and your kiddos enjoyed the stories we shared in our Discover Summer Reading Series. And, even though summer is winding down, you can still download and share these stories anytime. Enjoy!