Dads Rock

Fathers: You Rock!

I have a friend on Facebook who frequently comments on how fathers are often not included in the conversation when it comes to parenting. Someone will post an appeal for a few moms to chaperone a class trip or post an article about how moms spend X amount of time helping with homework each night, and my friend, Steve (his real name), will inevitably comment that it isn’t just moms who do these things with their kids. That dads are right there with their sleeves rolled up doing all the same things that moms do but getting none of the credit.


Of course he is right. Steve and millions of other dads are there with their kids every day. They are there to make a special hairstyle for crazy hair day. They are there to put a bandaid on a skinned knee. They read bedtime stories. They volunteer at the preschool. They make sandwiches cut into funny shapes.


So for Steve and every other male out there who steps up and pitches in, who does the dirty work of parenting and loves it, who can’t wait to see those little faces each morning even if those little faces come climbing into bed at 5am, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day. You are awesome and your little ones (and their moms) are lucky to have you. Enjoy your day…we hope it begins a little later than 5am just this once.


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