How To Celebrate Earth Day With Kids– From Home!

April 22 is Earth Day, a day to celebrate our planet and reflect on how best to protect it. But how can families celebrate the planet when they’re confined to their homes? Here are a few activities, articles, and suggestions from our kids’ magazines!

Recycled Crafts

Kids can get crafty with objects lying around the house to create something brand new! Do you have an empty cereal box on hand? Turn it into an awesome personalized magazine holder with this activity from SPIDER Magazine! Download and print instructions here.

Do you have younger kids who want to get in on the fun? They can create fun ‘upcycled’ toys from materials like egg cartons or milk jugs! Read and download “Trash or Toys” from CLICK Magazine here.

Talk About Trash

Now that you’ve all created recycled masterpieces, it’s the perfect time to discuss why it’s important to reduce, reuse, and recycle to prevent the environment. What happens to trash after we throw it away? And why does too much trash harm the planet even if we don’t litter or pollute?

Reading an article together can foster a great discussion about saving the planet. Here are our recommendations for free articles for kids of all ages:

“Plastic Pileup” From MUSE Magazine (Ages 9-14). What happens when 7 million tons of trash has nowhere to go? Find out how scientists are facing this problem. Read and download the full story here!

“Recycle Anything” from ASK Magazine (Ages 6-9): Visit a real recycling center to find out what happens after you put out your recycling bin! Read the article here!

“A Trash Free Future?” from ASK Magazine (Ages 6-9): Is it really possible to reuse and recycle everything that we own? What would a trash-free future look like? Find out in this article!

“The Use-It-Again-Girl” from CLICK Magazine (Ages 3-6): This fiction story follows Kathryn, a little girl who is determined to find new uses for old things around the house, from bedsheets to oatmeal boxes! Read and download it here!

Celebrate With a Snack

All that deep thinking can work up quite an appetite! Kids can help make these simple cookies from SPIDER Magazine to celebrate our favorite planet. All you need is cookie dough, food coloring, and baking supplies! Download and print the recipe here.

Explore Your Backyard

Social distancing doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy nature. If you live in a house with a backyard– or if your family goes on neighborhood walks– you can spot all kinds of wonderful things, from birds to bunnies to colorful plants. Now is a perfect time for kids to start a nature notebook and document the natural world all around them.

These adorable nature notebooks from CLICK Magazine give kids a great way to keep track of their findings! Describe sounds and smells and how things feel. Tape or glue in photos, leaf and bark rubbings, or pressed leaves and flowers! Download and print the activity here!

Plant a Garden

What better way to appreciate the Earth than to plant your own little patch of earth? Gardens are great for the environment– creating habitats for small critters, filtering groundwater, and putting more oxygen into the atmosphere and removing carbon dioxide. What’s more, you can grow your own fruits and veggies!

The problem with planting seeds is that you might not remember which little seedling is which when they begin to sprout. Do you know your tomatoes from your carrots? If not, never fear! Paint some rocks with your own special designs to serve as markers for your glorious garden! Read and download the instructions here.

Join An Online Celebration

There are so many fun and education online opportunities for celebrating Earth Day. Zoos, aquariums, and museums across the country give up close and personal looks at their collections online. Here are just a few fun opportunities:

Join the National Geographic Earth Day Neighborhood Safari

Enjoy a free program of short animated films in honor of Earth Day– including at least one made by kids!

The American Museum of Natural History has been holding an all-day web event called EarthFest

Take a virtual tour of any of our National Parks

Explore the world-famous collection of the San Diego Zoo

And, of course, you can always enjoy kid-friendly wildlife documentaries on platforms like Disney+ and Netflix!

How is your family celebrating Earth Day this year?