Two elementary school age boys reading a magazine

Best Magazines for an 8-Year-Old

If you’re the parent of an 8-year-old child, you know that eight is an amazing—and potentially exhausting—year in a child’s life! Many kids experience a huge growth spurt, both physically and intellectually, around third grade. They’re reading independently, trying more things for themselves, and most importantly, they start developing a more complex sense of identity. Is your child a budding scientist or an aspiring poet or planning a campaign for the 2052 presidential election? Feed their voracious minds with the perfect magazine to fit their passions.

Spider Magazine

Spider April 2019 cover art

The perfect magazine for independent readers with big imaginations, SPIDER has entertained and enchanted kids for over 25 years. Packed with adventurous short stories with topics ranging from space aliens to dragons to cultures around the world to pesky younger brothers, SPIDER truly has something for everyone.

Art by Susan Swan, 2019

Each issue features funny and imaginative poetry, colorful artwork, interactive activities, and a comics starring a friendly cast of cartoon bugs that 8-year-olds are sure to love. Cool recurring features include:

  • An ongoing story series called “Doodlebug & Dandelion,” the tale of a pair of siblings living in a seriously goofy world
  • Ophelia’s Last Word, a craft or recipe that kids can try at home
  • Spider’s Corner and Spider’s Mailbox, featuring letters and artwork from readers
  • Mind-Buggler, a fun brain teaser
  • The Fun Zone, a take-out page with a make-it-yourself game or activity
  • Spider and the Gang, a recurring comic strip whose characters roam all over the magazine’s pages

Spider is the perfect companion for 8-year-old kids with zany senses of humor and wild imaginations as they learn to find their own voices. Get SPIDER here!

ASK Magazine

If your eight-year-old Einsteins prefer dinosaurs to dragons and real rockets to UFOs, ASK may be the magazine for them. ASK is designed for kids who are full of questions like ‘How long would it take to travel to the sun?’ ‘What’s the most dangerous animal on earth?’ and ‘Why do volcanoes erupt?’ Filled with hands-on activities, creative cartoons, surprising science news, and tons of fun facts, ASK will help nourish a life-long passion for STEM subjects.

Meet the quirky cast of characters behind ASK Magazine! Or visit our online store to subscribe to ASK. Regular features of this magazine include:

the characters from ASK magazine
  • Nosy News, a selection of weird and wonderful science news
  • Nestor’s Dock, a comic strip reflecting the themes of each issue
  • Ask ASK, a Q&A section that answers questions sent in by readers
  • Monthly contests that publish students’ ideas, as well as their letters to favorite characters
  • Whatson’s Book Corner, sharing recommendations for books with similar topics to the current issues
  • Marvin’s Clever Tricks, science experiments presented by a mischievous raccoon mascot
  • Marvin & Friends, a comic strip starring a menagerie of lovable creatures

Whether your 8-year-old is an ASK reader, a SPIDER reader, or both, one thing is certain—this is sure to be a magical year filled with many new discoveries and milestones! And it only happens once!