All Aboard! CLICK’s January Issue Is in the Station!

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are full of questions about the world– and there are certain topics that they just seem to be drawn to, regardless of generation. Any parent who’s heard kids ask endless highly specific questions about trains will LOVE this issue of CLICK Magazine (and kids will, too, of course)! Whether your child watches endless episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine, loves playing with toy trains, or just enjoys riding the mini train around the mall, there’s something about trains that just seem to enchant kids. The January issue of CLICK is full of everything you need to know about lovely locomotives!

How do you speak “train?”

Discover different kinds of trains and learn to speak ‘train language’– that is, understand how train conductors communicate through horns and whistles. Visit a freight yard and learn to identify the pieces of equipment there. Do you know how to read the different signs and symbols that you might see at a train station or airport? Test your knowledge!

Nowadays, most trains don’t go ‘chugga chugga choo choo,’ but 100 years ago, almost every train did. Learn about the fascinating history of steam engines and how they work! Kids will love the ‘cross section’ of a steam engine, showing its many moving parts. Oh yeah, and why does the steam engine make that chugging sound, anyway? (We’ll spare you the suspense: it’s steam escaping the cylinder, like the sound escaping air makes when you open a can of soda, followed by the sound of the piston moving back and forth!)

All aboard!

CLICK isn’t just full of interesting facts– it includes interactive activities and stories and articles about kids like yours! Join a girl named Rosie as she takes a train journey from Washington, DC to Chicago! Check out photos from her trip and explore the different cars of the train. Follow a subway map to help kids get to their destinations, meet CLICK’s readers of the month, and make your own train using the takeout pages!

Plus, join Click and Jane as they build a model railroad and follow Beatrice the Black Bear as she visits a converted caboose!

Have your kids read the January issue of CLICK yet? What was their favorite part? And have they stopped parading around the house making train noises yet? (We can’t promise that’ll end when the February issue comes out!)