Our science magazines for kids

Our Science Magazines for Kids

Who says science has to be boring?  We have three fun, award-winning science magazines for kids that will entertain as much as they educate. Each title targets children of different ages and approaches STEM in a friendly, engaging manner that fosters long-term interest in scientific fields, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Since technology pervades our 21st lives, the sooner children start learning about STEM, the more naturally familiar, non-threatening and enjoyable it will become.

CLICK Magazine cover

CLICK is one of our science magazines for kids ages 3 to 6 or 7.  Young children are some of the most naturally curious creatures on the planet and CLICK seeks to satisfy that curiosity about the world around them with a fun introduction to animals and nature, the environment, biology, astronomy, engineering and how machines work. Guided by a cartoon mouse, aptly named ‘Click,’ young ones navigate the basics of these fascinating topics. CLICK won a Parents’ Choice Silver award in 2019. Learn more about CLICK Magazine.

ASK Magazine cover

ASK is another of our science magazines for kids ages 6 or 7 up to age 9 or 10. Each issue focuses on a single scientific topic. ASK has the answers to questions such as why animals sleep, why people love music, what causes tides, and how the solar system was formed. It is full of fun facts, informative scientific articles, and hands-on activities that encourage exploration of the physical world. ASK won a Parents’ Choice Gold award in 2019.  Learn more about ASK Magazine.

MUSE Magazine cover

MUSE is one of our more-popular science magazines for kids ages 9 to 14.  Known for its quirky humor and characters with strong personalities, MUSE has a loyal, passionate and engaged children’s audience.  Issues deal in depth with topics sure to please budding engineers, scientists, inventors, biologists, and kids who just love to learn. Recent topics have included gravity, mapping, microbes, city planning, chemistry, and hands-on experiments. MUSE won a Parents’ Choice Gold award in 2019. Learn more about MUSE Magazine.