Take Your Child to Work Day at Cricket Media!

“What do you even do all day?”

In the 21st century, it’s increasingly tricky to explain an average day’s work to a child, and even harder for a child to explain it to her friends. “Mommy plays on the computer all day with her friends,” is not exactly an uncommon thing to hear in a preschool classroom. On April 25, though, workplaces around the country open their doors to children and schools are half-empty. It’s Take Your Child To Work Day!

In its early days, this day was known as “Take Your Daughter To Work Day,” geared toward introducing girls to the workforce, but since 2003, boys have also been included. Our DC office’s celebration was a bit of a throwback—all of our student guests were girls!

Lia, Ava, and Maggie teamed up to help organize our recent magazine collection, sorting old issues into piles by magazine. They even helped build a magazine rack to display copies of back issues!

Later in the day, the girls tested out a craft activity from SPIDER Magazine: a party popper using a paper cup, balloon, and lots and lots of confetti! Needless to say, it proved to be a smashing success!

Step 1: Cut the bottom off of a paper cup
Step 2: Cut open a balloon, attach it to the open bottom, and tie a knot in the stem
Step 3: Fill with confetti and test it out

Step 5 (not pictured) involved cleaning up tons of confetti!

The students got up close and personal with the magazines, choosing their favorite features and illustrations from our new May/June issues! Maggie was especially enchanted by the ‘Get Well Soon’ issue of CLICK, featuring adorable animated germs (“If my germs looked like that, I wouldn’t mind getting sick!”), a cute teddy bear cover, and fun takeout pages with activities!

Maggie presents the May/June 2019 issue of CLICK Magazine!

Meanwhile, the two older girls headed outside to direct and star in their own magazine photo shoot for the May/June issues, taking over Cricket Media’s social media pages! Get ready for plenty of laughs, creative poses, and possibly the world’s first mermaid with a magazine tail!

With a new-found appreciation (hopefully!) for the magazines, the girls helped us decorate our office with a cool collage made of their favorite content from our recent magazine issues!

It was a memorable day filled with work, play, and TONS of laughter (especially when a balloon got stuck in the hallway the ceiling—a souvenir of the day!). We can’t wait until next year’s Take Your Child To Work Day! There’s nothing like having actual kids in the office to inspire the rest of us in creating kids’ media!