How to Help Your Middle Schooler Relax and Focus

How to Help Your Middle Schooler Relax and Focus


Today’s middle school kids are growing up in a world unlike the one their parents knew. With the explosion of technology into their lives, many parents of middle schoolers are worried that their kids are becoming addicted to devices and are missing out on the benefits of having downtime.


According to, kids ages 8 to 18 are spending on average 44.5 hours per week in front of screens, filling their time playing online video games, watching videos, messaging and participating in social networking.  Between school work, after-school commitments and time spent online, there is little time left for them to just be quiet.  And the benefits of quiet time cannot be ignored.


Magazines for Middle Schoolers


Middle school is a time of huge change for kids. They are growing like wildflowers, maturing fast and the demands on their time are increasing. Encouraging them to take just 15 minutes of quiet time each day can help clear their mind, focus, and be happier, more creative and less anxious. All super important things, right?


And even though middle school kids are ‘older’, many of them still need to be given suggestions and things to do during quiet time. What better quiet time activity is there than reading? Magazines crafted for them can develop their confidence, creativity and curiosity. Reading an engaging magazine can make even the most hyper middle schooler want to relax and think.


Here are 5 of our magazines perfect for middle schoolers (ages 11-14) to enjoy during quiet time:


  • Cricket – Do you have a middle schooler who loves to learn history, science, culture and the arts? Every issue offers kids an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild with stories including fantasy, contemporary fiction, historical fiction.
  • Join MUSE Mag’s Mnemosyne Derby SquadMuseDoes your middle schooler want to know everything? Muse is about everything: past, present, and future; history, science, and the arts; the known and the soon-to-be known.
  • Cobblestone – Have a young reader who loves to learn about history? Each issue of Cobblestone goes in-depth into a significant event in American history, with issue topics as diverse as Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists, the Salem Witch Trials, Buffalo Bill and Wild West, the construction of America’s skyscrapers, and the Civil Rights movement.
  • Dig into History – Does world history and human development excite your middle schooler? Dig is designed to boost kids’ appreciation for the scientists who explore the ancient world and increase their excitement about world history and human development.
  • Faces – Does your young reader love to travel? FACES is the magazine for them. Featuring inventions, articles, recipes, folk tales, and hands-on projects from around the world, FACES magazine can help your child experience the world without ever leaving home.

It’s not easy to pry a middle schooler away from his or her beloved device, but with some consistency and perseverance it can be done. By insisting on just a little bit of quiet time each day, you will be helping build up their self-esteem and nurture a natural love of learning that will pay off for years to come.