Happy National Best Friends Day 2016

Best Friends Forever!

Did you have a best friend when you were growing up? Chances are, you did. Childhood friendships are often among our most cherished relationships. These are the people who knew you when. Who were with you when you fell of the monkey bars and broke your arm. Who understood how you felt when your favorite television program was cancelled. Who shared their dessert with you when all your mom packed you was an apple.


Since today has been designated National Best Friends Day, it seems only right that we share with you some stories of best friends that appeared in our magazines over the years. As you can imagine, friendship is a common theme that our writers focus on. Below you’ll find 3 selected stories that we hope will make you think of the friendships—good and bad—that have helped shape you into the person you are today.


Click on the stories below to download and enjoy..


Best Friends AlwaysBully
Dinner at Blues


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