Cricket Media Magazine Bug Band

Have You Heard About Our New Bug Band?

If you happened to look at the address bar on the latest issues of Cricket Media’s 11 award-winning magazines, you may have noticed something new: a line of small circles each with a character or symbol relating to a specific magazine. Each circle is in black except the magazine you are looking at, which is shaded green. The circles are arranged in age order from Babybug, which is for babies and toddlers to Cicada, our magazine for teens. Below the new “bug band” (as we are calling it here in our offices), is the issue date, volume, age range, and our website.


So What’s the Big Deal?


Good question. There are a few good reasons to notice our new bug band. The first is that seeing where your child’s current magazine falls on the scale will give you a good idea of which magazine to move up to when your child seems to be outgrowing their current issue. Our customer service team makes it easy to transfer your subscription to the next level or next topic with no hassle. Just call and they will take care of the rest.


Another reason is to showcase just how many magazines we have in our family. If you only get Babybug, you might not realize that there is Ladybug and Click and Spider and Ask all waiting for your child as he or she grows up.


Finally, each icon shows one of our beloved characters. We are proud of our little character friends, from feisty Spider (from Spider Magazine, naturally) to technically-minded Marvin the Raccoon, the mascot of Ask. Want to find out which character you are most like? Take our brand new character quiz and we’ll tell you!


Thanks for learning a bit more about our bug band. We hope it helps your family keep track of your subscriptions and introduces you to characters and magazines you may not have met before.