Easter at Cricket Media

Beyond Peter Cottontail

If you’ve heard the story of Peter Cottontail one too many times, you aren’t alone. Each year at Easter (and every holiday, really) there are a few stories that get trotted out again and again. Luckily, you subscribe to this blog (and if you don’t, you should! See the subscription button below) so you have access to a treasure trove of stories that will warm your heart and make you smile without being overdone. You’ll find that the ones I picked this time aren’t bursting with bunnies and chicks—you’ll get your share of those everywhere else—but they do showcase the love of family and friends that makes the season so special.


Also, don’t forget to download our beautiful Easter cards. They are perfect for adding to an Easter basket or just giving to friends and family near and far away. Most of all, may your day be filled with all the people, places, and chocolate eggs you love best.


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