Discover Summer: Read to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Helping our kids develop critical thinking skills can be one of the most challenging tasks we have as parents.  Teaching them to not only pay attention to how their behavior affects those in their day to day life, but how it can cause a ripple effect that impacts society as a whole is important to us all.


Kids with strong critical thinking skills have more self confidence, intellectual curiosity, and are motivated to learn. Can you guess what activity can help develop critical thinking skills?  


If you said “reading’, you are correct!


How Reading Helps Develop Critical Thinking


  • A key component of critical thinking is to be able to draw from your own experience and knowledge. The more you read, the more you learn, plain and simple.
  • Reading helps us learn about and understand the experiences and perspectives of others.
  • Language development and critical thinking go hand in hand.  Reading expands a child’s language development and strengthens their critical thinking skills.


Our world is becoming more and more complex. To succeed, our kids will need strong critical thinking skills.  So, encourage them to read (especially during the summer) each and every day!   


Many people don’t realize we publish 11 different children’s magazines! So, whether you have a budding scientist, a creative storytelling writer, a mini-Picasso, or an adventurous history buff at home,  we have a magazine for them filled with stories created to encourage them to think, imagine and believe.


Discover Summer Reading Program: Week Three


We are sharing  stories around a popular summer theme for you to download and read with your kids. Even if they only read the story we share each week, it can still make a difference in stopping the summer learning slide.


Week 3: Gardening/Growing Things
Fresh from the Farm
by Buffy Silverman

Click Magazine
October 2015

Fresh from the Farm - Cricket Media
Weeds and Worms and Things That Squirm
by Gail Parker

Ladybug Magazine
June 2010

 	Weeds and Worms and Things That Squirm - Cricket Media

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