Folklorist Challenge

Enter the Folklorist Challenge

Cricket Media and the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage are pleased to cosponsor the 2nd Annual Global Folklorist Challenge. This contest, aimed at kids from 8 to 18, is designed to connect kids with the local tradition bearers in in their communities, giving the tradition bearers an outlet to tell their own personal stories and introducing kids to those in their communities with wisdom and knowledge that should be passed down from generation to generation.


For thousands of years, storytelling has been an integral part of community life. Even in the digital age storytelling plays an important role in shaping belief systems and transmitting knowledge from person to person. The stories people tell, and the cultural traditions they preserve, speak volumes about what they value and how they bring meaning to their lives and to the lives around them.


Both individual and team entries are encouraged for the Folklorist Challenge. Cultural traditions students might explore include dance, games, handicrafts, cooking, storytelling, customs, distinctive jobs, and more. To help the students get the most out of the activity, the official Folklorist Challenge website includes comprehensive supporting materials that reinforce real world folklorist skills by defining terms, providing examples, tips, and organizational tools, and by walking students through professional interview and story-shaping processes. Participants can also have their questions answered by Smithsonian experts.


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We can’t wait to see your videos and presentations!