Independence Day! Artwork by Rebecca Kelly

Go Forth and Read

Holidays are great. Especially holidays that are celebrated with parades, cookouts, and fireworks. But before you fire up the grill, why not take a few minutes to make sure your kids know why we have the holiday in the first place. A great way to do this is by sharing the two stories below. The first story, an article from Cobblestone, our American History magazine for kids ages 9 to 14, will give your family lots of general information about how the 4th of July came to be our national day of celebration. The second is a short play that will give everyone a chance to use their acting skills as they reinforce their knowledge of this truly American holiday. For kids who like to absorb their information kinesthetically, this is the perfect way to help them get the most from a factual article. Together these two articles showcase the different methodology our editors use to reach kids of all ages, reading levels, learning styles, and interests.


by Jerry Miller


A Magical Pen 
by Ruth Spencer Johnson
Illustrated by Mark Mitchell

The Magical Pen


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All of us at Cricket Media wish you and your family a happy and safe 4th of July.