Invent It Challenge

Invent It Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

Today marks the final day young inventors can submit their inventions to the 2016 Invent It Challenge. We are excited to see all the innovative ideas and concepts rolling in and the judges are ready to start evaluating each project’s merits based on how well the inventor followed the 7-step invention process outlined by Spark Labs.


Many times after a person hands in a project they have worked so hard on, they experience a myriad of emotions that range from happiness that they completed the project to utter sadness that it is over. This is normal. You might also find that your inventor starts to second-guess their work. They may regret adding or deleting something. They may feel like they didn’t show enough of their work. Again, this is normal. Instead of dwelling on these feelings, why not encourage them to make something new. All around them are problems of all sizes waiting to be solved and new products waiting to be created. And no matter what they make, the 7-step invention process is a perfect template to help them clearly think the project through and achieve optimal results.


Good luck to everyone who entered the Invent Challenge this year. Our judges will announce the winners on April 15th. If your child decided to sit this one out, we hope they will join us next year. In the meantime, remind them to keep their thinking caps on. You never know where or when a good idea will come looking for you.