Happy Nowruz

Happy New Year! (Seriously!)

No, we didn’t lose our minds. We’re talking about the spring festival of Nowruz, which is a celebration popular throughout many areas of the Middle East and Central Asia. Nowruz is not a religious holiday. Instead it is a joyous commemoration of the rebirth of earth and all life on it. Most celebrations take place on the day of the spring equinox, which this year is March 20. Like all the best holidays, Nowruz is celebrated by visiting family and friends, giving and receiving gifts, wearing beautiful new clothes, and eating sweets. Who doesn’t like that?


Introducing kids to new holidays, new cultures, and new traditions has always been part of Cricket’s mission. Old issues from the 1970s and 1980s abound with folktales and myths drawn from around the world. Faces magazine specializes in bringing the global community right to your doorstep. And Dig is constantly showcasing traditions drawn from ancient times. A year’s subscription to any of these magazines are bound to introduce your family to people, customs, cultures, and ethnology you would never have known existed.


Want to know more about Nowruz (which translates into “New Day” in English)? Check out the article and recipe from Cricket magazine below. We hope you get the chance to put on some beautiful clothes, visit with the people you love, and eat yummy food, all in the name of Nowruz.


Cricket Magazine Article: Happy New Year! In Spring? by Joan Issari

Happy New Year in Spring! Happy New Year in Spring!Happy New Year in Spring!


Recipe: Yummy New Year Sweets by Joan Issari


Nowruz Recipe Nowruz Recipe