4 Free Thanksgiving Stories for Kids and Tweens

Thanksgiving might just be the coziest time of the year. After a delicious meal with loved ones, it’s the perfect opportunity for story time! Now that turkey day is right around the corner, we’re sharing some of our favorite Thanksgiving stories for kids of all ages!

“Nicked Neck:” A Thanksgiving Whodunnit from CRICKET Magazine

When the turkey’s neck goes missing just before Thanksgiving dinner, 12-year-old Amy shifts into sleuth mode. No member of the family is above suspicion. And no case is too big, or small, or long, bent, and wrinkled for Amy Fujita, Kid Detective. Will Amy help her family find the nicked neck in time for family dinner, or will her interrogations cause a family feud over the food? The only way to find out is to read “Nicked Neck” by Laird Long, illustrated by Tom Disbury. Read and download the story here!

“The Last Gobble Before Thanksgiving:” A Story of Friendship from CRICKET Magazine

Mustafa is having a hard enough time adjusting to life in America after moving from Turkey. The last thing he needs is the class bully picking on him and making ‘gobble-gobble’ noises under his breath. Will he be able to make new friends and prove himself to be a soccer star before Thanksgiving? Read and download “The Last Gobble Before Thanksgiving,” written by D.E. Brigham and illustrated by Kyle Reed. Kids may want to talk about times that they’ve felt different, or what they would do if they saw people picking on a new student.

“The Turkey We Saved from Thanksgiving:” A Historical Tale from CRICKET Magazine

Chris and Bryan have lived on a farm for their whole lives. They’re used to the daily chores, including raising turkeys. But when the two brothers bond with a turkey meant for Thanksgiving dinner, they decide to hide the bird– who they’ve named Timothy– in a place where nobody can find him. It turns out that Timothy the turkey is more adventurous than anyone would have dreamed? Will Timothy the turkey ever come back home? “The Turkey We Saved from Thanksgiving” was written by Marlene Bateman Sullivan and illustrated by Mark Beech. Read it here!

“People of the First Light:” Meet the Wampanoag People with COBBLESTONE Magazine

When the first Europeans arrived in the New World 500 years ago, they came to a land occupied by many different nations of native people. How much do you really know about the Wampanoag people who first encountered the Pilgrims? Discover their homes, culture, traditions, diet, and the effects that English settlers had on their lives in this video from COBBLESTONE Magazine. “People of the First Light” was written by Trudie Lamb Richmond and Michael J. Tougias with art by Sheila Foley.

A Bonus Poem

No time to read a full-length story during the Thanksgiving festivities? Enjoy this sweet poem for all ages from BABYBUG Magazine!

We hope and your family you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!