Explore our January Magazine Issues!

New year, new magazines! We’re kicking off 2020 with a fresh batch of kids’ magazines that are packed with the spirit of adventure. Plunge into the depths of the ocean, visit the land of fairy tales, bask in the Southwest desert, learn the secrets of the city, and set off on an Arctic expedition! Our January issues are sure to awake your imagination and curiosity!

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I’m Growing!

From Babybug Magazine (Ages 0-3)

Cover art by Valeri Gorbachev.

Tie your ice skates or grab your skis! It’s time for a winter wonderland adventure with BABYBUG! Get dressed with Kim and Carrots, put on your favorite shoes, and enjoy the first snowfall of the year. Explore the beauty of all four seasons, from winter to summer, and join little Teddy bear as he grows up! Look at the beautiful colors of bird, from a duck’s orange feet to a parrot’s blue feathers!

The guide for caregivers at the back of the magazine gives a few suggestions for grown-ups who want to bring the fun of BABYBUG to life! How do you teach a child to recognize that they are growing every day? And how many shoes can Eagle-eyed BABYBUG readers spot in this issue?

Wild Babies

From CLICK Magazine (ages 3-6)

Humans are not the only kind of babies out there! Even the biggest, strongest animal was once a baby. Learn all about different kinds of animal babies in this fascinating issue of CLICK!

Meet wild families of all shapes and sizes, flip through Emmett the Emu’s baby album, and go swimming with a pod of orca whales! Baby animals need lots of food to grow up big and strong. See how parents of various species feed their little ones! Some babies stay safe inside an eggshell until they’re ready to hatch, while others are carried on their mother’s backs! Crocodiles may not seem cute and cuddly, but you might be surprised to hear that they make surprisingly good mothers! Follow a family of crocodiles to see how they live.

As always, CLICK is packed with exciting monthly features and activities. Join Click and Jane as they care for a caterpillar, connect the dots to find an animal family, meet the readers of the month, discover some big newborn animals with Beatrice Black Bear, and create your own happy family card game! It’s an issue the whole family– of any species– can enjoy!

Snowy Days, Starry Nights

From LADYBUG Magazine (ages 3-6)

Cover art by G. Brian Karas.

Winter nights are long, but they’re also beautiful! Enjoy wonderful adventures by day and night with this January issue of LADYBUG Magazine! Join a ‘star party’ and gaze at the sky with a telescope, blast off into outer space, and zoom around the house on a rainy day!

There’s always plenty of wintery fun to be had. Sing along with the adorable song of Amanda the Ice Skating Panda, meet a book-loving dragon, and find out what gift a snowman leaves us after it melts!

In every issue, LADYBUG readers can follow fun-filled stories of best friends Max and Kate. This month, help them build a snowman! Spy numbers at the skating pond, make your own snowflake decorations, and play a game of tic-tac-snow. Don’t miss ice-skating with Molly and Emmett!

The Secret Life of Pigeons

ASK Magazine (Ages 6-9)

We’re not saying that all pigeons are spies in disguise, but there’s plenty about these city-dwelling birds that you may not know. What do you most want to know about pigeons? All of your questions will be answered in “Ask a Pigeon.” Why do they bob their heads when they walk? What’s the only place in the world without pigeons? You’ll soon find out!

In the early 1900s, most people had no idea what their homes looked like from above. The only way to get a bird’s eye view was, well, by being a bird! Check out pictures taken by real pigeons, and find out what other incredible jobs pigeons can do! How smart are pigeons? They might just surprise you! A pigeon named Cher Ami was even awarded medals for being a war hero. Learn all about it!

ASK’s recurring features are as amazing as ever! Meet a recently discovered animal in Nosy News, or join Nestor and his friends in “Nestor’s Dock” to send messages via pigeon! See kids’ cool contest-winning soccer ball designs, learn why we have tail bones in “Ask ASK,” and find out all about rotational symmetry in the world around us in “Mighty Math.” What does it feel like to be one of the privileged few to enter the secret world of pigeons?

Art Adventures

From SPIDER Magazine (ages 6-9)

Cover art by Doug Roy

If penguins can paint, then why can’t you? Get crafty with this colorful new issue of SPIDER Magazine! A winter day is the perfect time to get creative. Build a sled hill with no snow, make adorable snowpeople on sticks, create your own puffy paint, and seek art inspiration from daydreams and wishes!

Learn about the beautiful Indian powder art called ‘kolam,’ visit a kolam contest, and even make your own kolam designs! In the folktale “The Golden Rat,” a wise merchant tells a young man that with enough hard work and intelligence, even a dead rat can be turned to gold. Find out how he does it!

In this issue’s regular features, Doodlebug and Dandelion enjoy a strange New Year’s party, while Spider & the Gang throw a New Year’s celebration of their own! Read poetry and letters from kids’ like you, too! What will you create this year? We can’t wait to find out!

Mysteries of the Deep

From MUSE Magazine (ages 9-14)

Some call space the ‘final frontier,’ but much of the ocean is still unexplored. Check out the amazing work that scientists are doing to plumb the secrets of the sea! The legend of the sea monster known as kraken struck fear into the hearts of generations of sailors. But what was the kraken’s true form?

Get a close-up view on deep-sea research and learn the history of humans fathoming the depths of the sea. Learn about the secret life of sea turtles and find how cave divers are helping us solve the mysteries of the past. Think you’re an expert? Can you match the deep-sea animals to the adaptations that help them survive?

Don’t forget to read this month’s regular departments. In the ongoing “Parallel U” comic, Whatsi and his mom try to create a new biome. Read quirky letters from fans– including a ‘build your-own’ Muse Mail letter kit! From Mars missions to stressed out dogs to big toes, can you find the fake story in this month’s Muse News? Meet a deep-sea microbiologist in Science@Work, find out why we have baby teeth but not baby bones, and learn about the pressure of the ocean in “Do the Math.” There’s plenty to ‘sea’ and do in this issue of MUSE!

Land from Mexico: How the United Claimed the West

COBBLESTONE Magazine (ages 9-14)

Did you know that Spanish settlers arrived in Mexico over 100 years before the first English colonies? So how did that land become part of the USA? After Mexico became independent in the 1800’s, Americans began eyeing the land to their west. They believed in ‘manifest destiny’– Americans’ right to control land from coast to coast. Soon, the United States had tripled in size. But how did that happen? Find out in this month’s COBBLESTONE.

Learn how the lure of gold drove the age of exploration and follow Florida’s complicated road to statehood. See how Tejas became Texas and Alta California became a state! Did you know that part of California still belongs to Mexico? Discover why many people are now rethinking the celebration of Columbus Day and how the Gadsden purchase changed the shape of the USA.

Mexico and the USA have always had a complicated relationship as south neighbors. Learn about their past, present, and look to the future with COBBLESTONE.


From Cricket Magazine (Ages 9-14)

From the first snow of the year to an Arctic expedition, this adventurous issue of CRICKET is sure to give readers the chills! Read the enchanting fairy tale of Maartje, the girl in the windmill, and her clever grandfather, or the magical tale of Prince Bernard, who accidentally caught his own reflection while fishing.

When poor Pei falls in love with the governor general’s beautiful daughter, he must do three impossible tasks to win her hand. How will he pull it off? Speaking of impossible tasks, find out what it was like to be part of Ernest Shackleton’s doomed exploration to Antarctica.

Plus, join the gang in Cricket Country as they play with a baby penguin, read winning reader-submitted stories about expeditions, check out reader book recommendations, and learn the history of January from Old Cricket. And don’t miss Ugly Bird’s crossbird puzzle! There is magic in the chilly air this January!

Denmark, Land of Fairy Tales

From FACES Magazine (ages 9-14)

What a perfect time of year to relax with a cup of tea and a piece of Danish…. history and culture, that is. FACES Magazine kicks off the new year with a visit to Denmark! You don’t need to visit a theme park to see The Little Mermaid! You can see a bronze statue of her in Copenhagen, home of legendary fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen!

Denmark’s geography sets it apart from its European neighbors. You are never more than 30 miles from the sea in this Scandinavian country. Danes are known for their independence and are often considered some of the happiest people in the world! Fairy tales aren’t the only staple of childhood that come from Denmark. This country is also the home of Legos! Try delicious traditional open-faced sandwiches, meet the Queen, and do what 9 out of 10 Danes do and take a bike around town for a spin!

Discover ancient runes, make recycled art, read the story of “The Ugly Duckling,” and meet two Danish girls, Jessica and Kira, in the popular “Dear Kylie” section, to learn about their lives! This issue is sure to end with a happily ever after!