Welcome to Fluent City!

For over 45 years, we’ve been doing our part to make learning fun and accessible for kids of all ages with magazines, mentoring programs, and language learning classes, but it’s time we opened things up for one more group of learners. Now we’re offering education experiences for adults, too! We’re so excited to welcome Fluent City to our Cricket family.

Fluent City makes learning a new language easy with online lessons with live instructors. Students can choose between individual or small group classes, and each has its perks. Individual sessions are fully customized and flexible to fit your schedule, with private tutors and personalized study plans. Group classes help develop conversational skills by letting students practice socializing with peers in the target language. Learning from real people in real time means acquiring a new language much faster than you might with popular apps or textbooks. Fluent City expands Cricket’s language learning options to eleven languages! We’re proud to offer lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, English, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Hebrew.

Before acquiring Fluent City, we offered virtual English and Chinese language lessons to kids through NeuABC and NeuLingo. These programs will be better than ever with the use of Fluent City’s language learning platforms! Now we’ll be able to help kids and adults become fluent in new languages form the comfort of their homes.

Fluent City also provides corporate training. In an increasingly global world, being able to communicate with people who speak a different language is more important than ever, and we can help you and your employees learn the basics of a new language with special attention to your company’s needs.

We can’t wait to see the possibilities that will unfold with Fluent City! Will you and your child both start learning new languages at the same time? Will you prepare for a long-postponed international vacation by brushing up on the language? The sky is the limit!