10 Internet Facts for World Internet Day

The internet is kind of a big deal, right? I mean, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if it weren’t for the internet and I would have a ton more time in my day if I wasn’t spending all my time googling things and writing blogs about them. As our world gets more and more […]

Get Out There and BOO Someone!

All around my neighborhood, kids are getting BOOed. Don’t worry, this isn’t the kind of BOOing that ends in tears or hurt feelings. This type of BOOing is actually a good thing. In this case BOOing is when one family leaves an anonymous treat for another family in their neighborhood and directs that family to […]

6 Easy Ways to Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

Want to turn a regular Saturday into something special? A good chance is coming up on September 19, which is also known as International Talk like a Pirate Day. It may sound a bit silly, but it is just this type of silliness that often inspires the best family fun and fires a child’s imagination. […]