Poems About Poetry for National Poetry Month

Have you ever read a poem ABOUT poetry? Have you ever written one?   All it takes is a metaphor (comparison) and your imagination!   Here are some poems with metaphors that compare poems to lots of different things.     What’s a Poem?   A whisper, A shout, Thoughts turned Inside out.   A […]

Where Do Poems Come From?

I’m asked that question a lot. Where do poems come from? Where do you get your ideas? It’s like one of those questions we hear from our children, “Where do babies come from?” A wise parent will offer an explanation based upon what they think is appropriate for the age and level of understanding of […]

The Poetry of Life

We are all poets. Each one of us sees the world in our own special way. Whenever we look up at the passing clouds and see long tail dragons and sailing ships we are poets. When we share our visions and dreams we are poets. We are poets whenever we tell the world who we […]