Poems About Poetry for National Poetry Month

Have you ever read a poem ABOUT poetry?

Have you ever written one?


All it takes is a metaphor (comparison) and your imagination!


Here are some poems with metaphors

that compare poems to lots of different things.



What’s a Poem?


A whisper,

A shout,

Thoughts turned

Inside out.


A laugh,

A sigh,

An echo

Passing by.


A rhythm,

A rhyme,

A moment

Caught in time.


A moon,

A star,

A glimpse

Of who you are.



A Poem is a Spider Web


A poem is a spider web

Spun with words of wonder,

Woven lace held in place

By whispers made of thunder.



A Poem is a Firefly


A poem is a firefly

Upon the summer wind.

Instead of shining where she goes,

She lights up where she’s been!



A Poem is a Rosebud


A poem is a morning rose,

A promise just begun,

A blossom new with fragrant dew

Unfurling in the sun.



A Poem is a Mirror


A poem is a mirror

Sitting on a shelf

Inviting you to come and view

Reflections of yourself.



A Poem is a Painting


A poem is a painting,

A masterpiece divine,

Hanging on display inside

The gallery of your mind.



A Poem is a Song


A poem is a song

Made of color,


A rainbow

Made of sound,


A painting

Made of memory,


A paradise




A Poem is a Play


A poem is a play

meant to delight.


A poem is a show

meant to excite.


A poem is a song

full of desire.


A poem is a sunset

meant to inspire.


A poem is a secret

shared with friends.


A poem is a promise

that never ends.



A Poem is a Busy Bee


A poem is a busy bee

Buzzing in your head.

His hive is full of hidden thoughts

Waiting to be said.


His honey comes from your ideas

That he makes into rhyme.

He flies around looking for

What goes on in your mind.


When it’s time to let him out

To make some poetry,

He gathers up your secret thoughts

And then he sets them free!



A Poem is a Little Path


A poem is a little path

That leads you through the trees.

It takes you to the cliffs and shores,

To anywhere you please.


Follow it and trust your way

With mind and heart as one,

And when the journey’s over,

You’ll find you’ve just begun.


Charles Ghigna – Father Goose® lives in a treehouse in the middle of Alabama. He served as poet-in-residence and chair of creative writing at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and as a nationally syndicated feature writer for Tribune Media Services. He is the author of more than 100 award-winning books for children and adults from Random House, Disney, Hyperion, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Time Inc., Abrams, Charlesbridge, Capstone, Orca and other publishers. His poems appear in hundreds of magazines from The New Yorker and Harper’s to Cricket and Highlights. For more information, please visit his website at FatherGoose.com