5 Free Kids’ Stories for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, so we’re sharing our own special tricks and treats from our award-winning children’s magazines! From a spooky Cornish folktale to a modern-day Halloween party to a true story from history, there’s something for everyone.

Micha Archer, BABYBUG Magazine

Looking for Fall (BABYBUG Magazine)

How do you know when fall is here? From crisp apples to warm sweaters to bright fall colors, the signs of fall are all around! This beautiful poem from BABYBUG is all about celebrating the season and enjoying all the fun it brings! With vibrant illustrations and simple language, small children will be enchanted by the magic of autumn. “Looking for Fall” was written by Deborah Reidy and illustrated by Micha Archer.

Sara Palacios

Shelby the Shy (LADYBUG Magazine)

Shelby may just be the shyest kid on the whole planet. She dreads parties and talking to strangers. But when she attends a Halloween party with her younger brother Ben, he helps her feel as brave as the superhero she’s dressed as. Shelby’s story will be a hit with kids who are working on finding their own inner superheroes! This heartwarming story from LADYBUG was written by Erin Beth Liles and illustrated by Sara Palacios.

Sara Palacios

The Ugliest Pumpkin (SPIDER Magazine)

This short play from SPIDER Magazine follows the adventures of three pumpkins growing in a farmer’s patch. Each is the best at something, from the orangest pumpkin to the roundest pumpkin. But then there’s the ugliest pumpkin, who’s the best at nothing. But when hungry crows threaten the pumpkin patch, will the ugliest pumpkin save them all? “The Ugliest Pumpkin” was written by Kemuel DeMoville with art by Sara Palacios!

Nathan Hale

Ghoulies and Ghosties (CRICKET Magazine)

Halloween is the perfect time of year to gather around the fireplace and share spooky stories. But the ghost in this Cornish folktale is more irritating than scary. The ghost of Will Lugg, an oafish rejected suitor, makes Hope’s family miserable every day. He puts mice in teacups, makes fish pies sing, and drives away business. What can she do to finally make him give up the ghost? Patricia Bridgman’s spooky story was illustrated by Nathan Hale for CRICKET Magazine!

MUSE Magazine

The Ghostly Deduction (MUSE Magazine)

Once upon a time, Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and legendary illusionist Harry Houdini became friends– before differing beliefs about the supernatural drew them apart. But which one do you think believed in ghosts and spirits? If you guessed the magician, you’re wrong! Just in time for Halloween, enjoy the strange case of the gullible detective writer and the skeptical magician, written by Doug Stewart for MUSE!