An Archeological Find that will Blow Your Mind!

My day went from “ho-hum” to “wow” in the space of about 15 seconds this morning when I heard this story on NPR about how archaeologists have discovered the bones of an early human-like species buried deep in a cave in South Africa. Making the story even more interesting was that the cave can only be reached by traversing passages so narrow that only some scientists were able to visit the site. How very Indiana Jones of the researchers (mostly women!) who did manage to get themselves into that cave!


We have an archaeological-based magazine here at Cricket Media called DIG and I was curious about how the magazine’s editor, Rosalie Baker, might feel about this news, so I emailed her. “It will be interesting to see how the scientific community addresses and incorporates all this,” she wrote back to me. “It’s an exciting find, to be sure, and one that poses many, many questions. DIG can’t wait for more research to be done on Homo naledi! We’ll be featuring updates in upcoming issues.”


There you have it. You can look for updates about this incredible find written in a way that both you and your children can understand in future issues of DIG.


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