Alexs Lemonade Stand

Celebrating Alex and her Lemonade Stand

Alex's Lemonade StandDid you drink any lemonade this past weekend? If so, it may have been sold as a fundraiser during Alex’s Lemonade Days, an annual weekend of lemonade stands where all the profits from your local lemonade stand are donated to charities trying to cure childhood cancers. Through the proceeds of these lemonade stands held throughout the country, more than 550 medical research grants have been awarded to 102 top hospitals and institutions across the US and Canada. In fact, the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $120 million since 2005.


If your children are thinking about hosting a lemonade stand this summer, why not encourage them to donate the proceeds to a charity that matters to them. It’s a great chance for them to have fun and practice their math skills while doing some good in the world. Serving as a volunteer or donating to charity has been associated with numerous great benefits for kids including promoting a healthy lifestyle, enhancing development, teaching life skills, improving the community, and encouraging a lifelong service ethic. You can read more about these great benefits and get some ideas for other ways your children can give back to their community from


Want to know more about Alexandra Scott, the “Alex” behind “Alex’s Lemonade Stand”? Check out the two articles below about her and her amazing organization. For more articles like these, but sure to subscribe to your favorite Cricket Media magazine.




Alex's Lemonade Stand