5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Have you ever wondered how Father’s Day got its start? It didn’t officially become a national holiday until 1972!

In 1909, Sonora Louise Smart was sitting in church on Mother’s Day listening to a sermon when she decided that fathers needed a special holiday to honor them, too. Sonora’s mother had died when she was a teenager and her father had raised her and her five younger brothers himself. She felt he definitely deserved a holiday of his own! Her first petition for an official Father’s Day was only signed by two people, but she persisted until it became a holiday in her hometown of Spokane, Washington… and then the nation!

If you’re still thinking of ways to spend the day with your family, here are some goodies, hints, stories, and tips from Cricket Media’s award-winning children’s magazines.

Fabulous Father’s Day Cards

Print and cut out these adorable Father’s Day cards, perfect for all of the dads, grandpas, uncles, godfathers, and friends in your life! Cardstock paper is the best for cards that look and feel sturdy and gorgeous.

If your creative kids would rather make their own Father’s Day cards, see if they can make one of these clever pop-up cards from CLICK Magazine! Although the instructions designed for birthdays, they’re great for any holiday.

Tasty Treats for Dad

Why not make a delicious breakfast in bed or special dessert for Dad on his special day? Miro, the resident chef of SPIDER Magazine has shared his secret recipe for the perfect blueberry muffins in honor of the occasion! Download instructions here or follow the steps below:

For another special treat, try this classic bread pudding recipe from Cricket Country. It’s especially delicious with vanilla ice cream! Bread pudding like this one was popular in the days of steamboats, but you don’t have to go anywhere to enjoy it.

Easy-to-make Father’s Day Gifts

There’s nothing like a homemade present to make Father’s Day truly memorable.

Want a truly one-of-a-kind centerpiece? This activity takes a little bit of extra prep time, but it’s well worth it! Kids will delight in learning to dye multi-colored carnations from the stems up. For a unique touch, try choosing the colors of your dad’s favorite sports time or college colors.

Even if your Father’s Day present is in the form of a gift card, that doesn’t mean it can’t have a personal touch. These miniature woven heart-shaped baskets are a Christmas tradition in Scandinavian countries, though you can make them any time. Try this simple craft from COBBLESTONE Magazine!

Learn About the Dads of the Animal World

Humans aren’t the only fabulous fathers in the animal kingdom! Did you know that Darwin’s frogs protect their babies by hiding them in their throat? Or that in seahorse families, it’s the fathers who give birth? How do Emperor penguin dads come to the rescue of their mates?

Find out in this fascinating article from CLICK Magazine.

Share a Father’s Day Story

There’s nothing better than reading together on Father’s Day. Listen and read along to this sweet story, “Avocados for Sale,” which appeared in LADYBUG Magazine. Join Carlos as he follows his dad for a day at work selling avocados! This story was written by Casey Buonaugurio with illustrations by Isabel Roxas.

In the story “Tree House Trouble” from SPIDER Magazine, a stubborn father and son learn to compromise over plans to build a tree house and make a Father’s Day present! See how they find middle ground and come up with the perfect plan in this story, written by Sally Derby Miller and illustrated by Noela Young.

What are you planning to do for Father’s Day this year?