Celebrating Earth Day with Cricket Media Magazines

April 22 is Earth Day, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate and commit to our planet and making sure it thrives! Several of this month’s magazines focus on themes of nature and the environment, and we’d like to share them with you– along with 5 free articles and an activity! Join us for a special Earth Day celebration! Plus, here’s a special Earth Day sale through this weekend only!

CLICK Magazine: Welcome Spring!

This month’s issue of CLICK, a STEM magazine for ages 3-6, focuses on the wonders of spring! What makes spring such a special time of year? Find out with this issue of CLICK! Discover the earliest-blooming flowers of the season, learn why the seasons change, and enjoy an interview with a real meteorologist, McCall Vrydaghs! Plus, meet baby animals emerging in spring, join spring celebrations around the world, and make your very own weather wheel! In this month’s regular features, enjoy fun spring pastimes with Click & Jane and join Beatrice Black Bear to see what bears do when their hibernation is over.

This month’s free story is “What Seeds Want,” written by Susan Yoder Ackerman with art by Dana Regan. Scarlett and Zeke’s parents show them the signs of spring in their backyard and teach them what seeds want as they plan their very own garden! Read and download it here— and maybe plant a few seeds of your own!

ASK Magazine: Small But Mighty!

Some of the smallest things on earth make a big difference for our planet, from microbes to beetles! Meet some of them in this spring issue of ASK Magazine! Discover the microbes living in your own body and the superhuman strength of beetles. Find out why cockroaches are so tough and learn the power of a few dashes and dots in Morse Code! Plus, explore a newly discovered coral reef in Nosy News, watch Nestor and friends help turn an abandoned lot into a park in “Nestor’s Dock,” see why volcanoes erupt in “Ask ASK,” tie an impossible knot in “Marvin’s Clever Trick,” and see some of the coolest things ASK readers have ever created.

Did you know that ants are incredibly important to the planet? They keep things clean by eating dead leaves and critters, chew up harmful weeds, enrich the soil by digging in it, and provide food for countless creatures! Learn more about amazing ants in “Ants All Around!”

MUSE Magazine: Blossom Buddies

This delightful issue of MUSE, a STEM magazine for ages 9-14, is perfect for Earth Day, covering all of the pollinators that play a key role in our ecosystems! A pollinator is a plant’s best friend. Learn what makes a flower and why they’re so important, chat with a honey bee expert, travel a bee highway, and find out how bees think! Meet the syrphids, “wanna-bees” that are actually flower flies, and travel back in time to meet pollinators from the time of the dinosaurs. Get up close with butterflies, moths, and some tricky orchids. Then, plant your very own pollinator patch and cool off with a fancy coloring page. In this month’s regular features, spot the fake story in Muse News, learn how light bulbs work in Q&A, and join the group at Parallel U as they suggest replacements for bees.

Genevieve LeRoux may only be 15 years old, but she’s been working to protect the monarch butterfly since she was 9! Read this fascinating interview with a real kid involved in conservation. Maybe she’ll inspire kids in your life to do their part for the planet!

COBBLESTONE Magazine: Celebrate Earth Day!

We’ve already shared some articles about the environment, but this issue of COBBLESTONE is all about Earth Day itself! COBBLESTONE is an American history magazine geared toward ages 9-14 and it plunges into the history, present, and future of Earth Day! Find out about the rise of the environmental movement, learn about the impact of Rachel Carson’s writing, and explore environmental laws. Would a ban on bottled water and single-use plastic be better for the planet? Many cities around the world have already put them in place! Meet real people who are making a difference for the planet today. Denis Hayes was the first Earth Day coordinator and continues to work for a sustainable future as the CEO of the Bullitt Foundation. Jerome Foster II is an 18-year-old climate activist whose fascinating interview reveals the real work young people are doing today to protect Earth.

How can you get involved? This issue of COBBLESTONE features this detailed guide to how every little bit helps the environment. Want to learn how Earth Day got started in this first place? Read and download this free article, “Senator Nelson’s Big Idea,” to find out how it all happened!

Recycled Magazine Holder Craft

Need a handy place to store your favorite Cricket Media magazines? Create a handy recycled magazine holder and keep used paper goods out of a landfill with this craft from SPIDER! All you need are an empty cereal box, a pen, a ruler, scissors, some glue, and some recycled paper– maybe postcards or even magazine pages!